Travel Pictures

Australia '08

The Ghan arriving at Darwin

Refilling for to trip back to Adelaide

Deckchair Cinema Darwin

The Darwin World War 2 underground oil storage Tunnels.

These caves were made in the period 1942 - 1945 by hand.

Sind's all the young men were at war, the 50 and 60 year old man did the job.

Little Remarque.

The tunnels were finished just as the Japanese army surrendered

Jumping Crocodiles @ Alice River

Crocs dont use their 'feet' to jump. It's all in the tail.

The bait some pieces of buffalo.

The abandoned 'nest' of a salt water crocodile.

Want to see the real show click here to see a small video!

Wet land - Fogg dam

Lichtfield National Park

Wagni Falls

Bamboo Creek

Crocodile trap

Tjaetaba Falls

Florence Falls

Mmmm I'm not a big fan of digital cameras and water getting mixed up!

Bully Rockholes

Magnetic Termite Mounds

We stayed at Adelaide River

A motel well know for it's excellent...


and open air showers

The cafe is also the home of this big boy.

Kakadu National Park

We went for a boat ride with "the Yellow Water cruise".

A crocodile ... fishing

It is the end of the wet season.

Many roads are still closed.

Due to the big distances even the dogs take the caare to go for a walk.

Edith falls.

The uranium mine

This is what you see at the start of your walk... 45°C walking Trail Temperture

Makes you wish for some rain !!

Katherine Gorge National Park

Our Hostel @ Kununurra

The girl hasn't cleaned the room yet .... 2 single male traveling ...

A sign we saw during our trip today ... NO PHOTOSHOP ... real picture

We went to see a movie tonight...

Poor girl didn't know we were 'mystery shoppers' (client mystère for the frenchies)

There was already a small Barco projector installed with a Kodak Server

We had a little chat with the 'crew' on what to change / repair / fix / make better / update.

Made the operator stop the movie once to fix some stuff during the screening.

We missed a little bit 'our' screens and sound.

Lake Argyle

Sunset Cruise

Always with a glass of champaigne that boy...

The Kimberleys


A quarantine checkpoint

A video of overtaking a roadtruck


Hot water springs

Loic has bought a big souvenir ....

The oldest pub of Australia

Everybody leaves something behind ...

We also left a little souvenir.

On the road pictures

From Alice Springs to Katrine

Cool that there is cruise control ....

Euh this is a .....

Barrow Creek

A stop @ Wycliff Well

The Devils Marbles

A short stop @ the bottle shop

Sinds Loic loved his first beer I need to buy a bigger reserve...

The hostel in Alice Springs


And inside

this used to be a cinema (projection cabin)

And the screen

We visited a movie theater

saw 2 movies still not released in france.

A visit to the Reptile Center


We wanted to try a non sealed road...

tried it for 250m


on route to Kings Caynon

A picture of the 'wild life' walking around the road here

Kings Caynon

The start of 1 of the tracks

Ulura Rock

The Olgas

Sunset on a camel (to see sunset on the Olgas)

Cooper Pedy

Inside Australia 03

A drive trough from Woomera to Cooper Pedy

Lake Hart

Fixing a flat tire

Something rare, Loic is having his first Aussie Beer

Inside Australie 02

A drive trough from Adelaide to Woomera

A trip through outback

We are going to Darwin, Alice Springs is half way our trip ...

A movie Theater in Adelaide.

Inside Australia 01

A drive trough from Port Fairy to Adelaide

On these kind of roads (and smaller) speed limit 110km/h.

A straight line for 15 minutes ...

Getting close to Adelaide a freeway speed limit also 110km/h


The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a scenic route from Geelong (Melbourne to Port Fairy

The 12 Apostles ... some of them ... in the sun

Devil's cave


A car trip ... 12h or 800km

Let me present to you our little car.

Pictures taken during our trip today from Springwood to Melbourn


The Blue Montains National Park 12/03/08

Welcome to the Blue mountain national park @ Katoomba

The Three Sister

Welcome to part 2

Blue Mountain National Park @ Blackheath

Wanna see what's over the edge?


Sydney 09/03/08 - 10/03/08

There were many weddings that day ....

Some Dj's at work

The Heritage Belgian Beer Café

The rocks

The world largest Imax screen

Sydney Tower

Our Hostel


The Indian Pacific 08/03/08

A train journey from Adelaide to Sydney

The green bag is mine

We travel in

the restaurant

the lounge/bar

Part of the crew

A little drink

And some pictures taken during the trip

A stop at

A cinema.... we need to visit ...

And back on the train to Sydney


Adelaide 05/03/08 06/03/08

Our hostel

Central Market & China Town

It's very hot .... but no way I drink that water

Mmmmm antennas

The exit of the central train station

A cool place to visite

Glenelg (town near Adelaide)

Loic correcting my french blog

A visite to the central train maintenance depot


The first evening in Perth 03/03/08

The real situation

The Singapore airport

The new Bangkok Airport

Loic, my travel companion on this trip